Rechtzeitig Bild #Sigurd Roeber
Rechtzeitig Bild #Sigurd Roeber

Der lang bestehende Geschäftskontakt zu einem Neuseeländer weckte nicht nur das Interesse an dem Land selber, sondern führte dazu, für verschiedene Unternehmen vor Ort und in Deutschland Projekte durchzuführen. - National

Avoid Auckland Harbour Bridge if you can - Waka Kotahi transport boss (Sa, 19 Sep 2020)
STAY IN THE KNOW. SIGN UP TO OUR DAILY NEWSLETTERS HERE. It's the coat hanger fixture of our biggest city that links northern suburbs with the bright lights of downtown, and beyond, but motorists are being encouraged to - where...
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Early learning centres 'reluctant to charge any more of a fee to parents than is necessary' (Sat, 19 Sep 2020)
By RNZ Many early learning centres are looking to draw on their own cash-strapped resources to survive Covid-19, rather than increasing fees for parents.A survey by the Early Childhood Council showed while a quarter would consider...
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